Device Research

Are you looking to publish your device and diagnostic focused research, but finding it difficult to locate a suitable journal that understands and supports your publication needs? The Adis Rapid+ journal collection can help with this.

Supporting your needs

As well as publishing research focusing on drug therapies, all of our journals also publish research on diagnostics and all types of devices, in all therapeutic areas. Our publishing team and peer reviewers understand that the nature of device data is different to that of clinical studies with drugs, and with that in mind take each paper on its own scientific merit. We will consider papers whatever the outcome; with small sample sizes or from animal studies; with limited or bridging data; as well as non-blinded studies and retrospective analyses. We will also offer cascading options to other journals in the portfolio if your paper is not suitable for your first choice journal.

Inclusive of all types of research

Our journals are inclusive and publish all types of reviews, case reports or original research; from preclinical, through all phases, right through to observational, health economics and real-world studies. Our journals also encourage patient focused materials, be they patient-journey papers, or supplementary content which sits alongside the article providing a briefer and simplistic overview for the patient.

Our services

For details of the other helpful services we provide with all of our journals, such as rapid publication, open access, our concierge service, enhanced features, and return on investment please see ‘Why Choose Us?’ .

As a group Adis has 30+ journals with direct access to the hospital and healthcare community through inclusion in the Springer consortia packages. We welcome confidential pre-submission enquires and will respond quickly offering you a range of journals to suggest to your author depending on your publication requirements.

Contact us

For more information about publishing your research, pre-submission enquiries, or for any other queries please contact

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